Friday 23. October, room S37 of the SSC building
Welcome Martin Solich, Stephan Henn
Challenges for integrating 'culture' in "Out of Africa" - agent-based models Ericson Hölzchen & Christine Hertler, Research Institute Senckenberg
The Variability Selection and the Evolution of Human Cultural Behaviour Iza Romanowska, University of Southampton
Coffee Break
The impact of social learning on subsistence strategy shifts Xavier Rubio-Campillo, Barcelona Supercomputing Center
The Role of Symbolic Interaction and Learning in the Process of Cultural Evolution: An Agent-Based Modeling Approach Peter Froncek, George Mason University
Sociocultural Dimension of hunter-gatherer mobility Martin Solich, University of Cologne
Playing Games, not asking Questions: using ABM as elicitation tools in rural Cameroon David Zeitlyn, University of Oxford
Coffee Break
Agent Based Culture? Virginia & Frank Dignum, Delft University, University Utrecht
Ethnography of a Criminal Network Martin Neumann, University Koblenz
General Discussion